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Authentic Feng Shui

Hallmarks of Authentic Feng Shui

Lineage: Authentic Feng Shui has a directly traceable lineage back to an authentic Master (and through that Master, a direct lineage back to antiquity)…the real secrets of Feng Shui have never been disseminated any other way. Read more about the lineage of the chue style of Feng Shui.

Uniting of earth and cosmic energies: Authentic Feng Shui addresses itself to uniting the yin energy (earth energy) and yang energy (heaven, or cosmic energy) within the house, according to meticulous and detailed calculation, which relate to planetary movement. If such calculations are not performed, you are not witnessing authentic Feng Shui.

Detailed relationship between landscape (or cityscape) and individuals: Authentic Feng Shui involves highly detailed assessments of the exterior surroundings, which can be related very specifically to individual occupants of the building and even to particular limbs and organs of the occupants, in their energetic effects.

Hexagrams of the I Ching: The most powerful of all the styles of Feng Shui is called Yuen Hom (translating approximately to ‘mystery of the void’) This is the style of Feng Shui used in the imperial courts of china through many dynasties, and is based on extensive and complicated manipulation of the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching, or book of changes, a blueprint of the energies of life. Yuen Hom Feng Shui is not taught publicly anywhere in the world in the depth and detail that it is taught by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, and by schools which are accredited by OCHAFSRA.

Use of Auspicious Dates: The energy of the earth and the cosmos differ every day, according to the cycles of the planets and the stars. Whatever is carried out on any day will carry the energy of that day with it thereafter (for instance, a structural alteration to a house, or a wedding between two people). Therefore good Feng Shui will always include the calculation of dates for undertaking work on a house, and these dates will be calculated to suit the energies of the occupants based on their date of birth.

The house as a living entity: A house must breath. It must receive sufficient quality and quantity of chi, which is affected by external features and also orientation of doors. Doors pump chi in and out of a house. Yuen Hom Feng Shui also identify ‘chakras’ within buildings that relate to specific types of energy and facets of the occupants lives. If these chakras are blocked, the corresponding aspect of a person’s life will also be blocked.Hallmarks of Authentic Feng Shui.

It gets results! Seek references or testimonials from previous clients of your chosen practitioner. There is a very wide range of skill levels in the market place today. There can be no greater test of the authenticity of any source of Feng Shui than the results it achieves.