Feng Shui Articles

Mountain and Water Dragon – The Feng Shui of Geneva

by Kajal Sheth
A fascinating insight into how feng shui can be applied to a larger landscape.

Living Energies of your Home
by Michael Warden
Most people have experienced walking into a house or a building and instantly liking the way it feels, or instantly disliking it….

People and Environments
by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah
Experience of Feng Shui shows that it is like a shadow falling from an object; without one the other cannot exist…

Sunset on the empire
by Kathie Merriman
My Feng Shui master once told me that the reason the British Empire had failed was because the ruling classes had turned their houses around…..

Memoires of Ireland
by Sallie Attwell
My family spent the February half term in Ireland. I knew things were a little mixed up as soon as we arrived and felt we were been given flavour of “things to come”….

Magic in the Mountains
by Kathie Merriman
The trouble with Scotland is its dragons are too skinny. No meat on them – no muscle, not fed properly…

Zhang Shu – Book of Burial
by Guo Pu (276-324)
Translated by Stephen L. Field, Ph.D.