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Feng Shui Consultant - Feng Shui Research - Feng Shui Education

Code of Ethics for Chue Foundation Consultants

(To be read in conjunction with Rules and Regulations and other primary documents of the Chue Foundation.)


The Foundation is governed by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah and steered by his Management Team, which works with PR/Marketing, and Website Administration Officers to create a publicly accessible focal point for authentic Feng Shui in the West. Other Executive functions handle the provision of accounting and membership administration.

The Management Team also provide an infrastructure for the membership and liaison between the various Schools and Country Coordinators, Educators and the Educational Standards Office, making communication between Grand Master Chan, the various Offices and the membership they serve, as clear as possible in this multi-national and multi-cultural organisation.

Grand Master Chan has a Vision for the Foundation, and we share in that Vision and seek to bring it to fruition by organising ourselves and becoming the first bona fide Feng Shui Research Organisation outside of the Far East. This also entails fulfilling both the role of a Professional Body for our general membership, and of an accessible contact point and resource providing reassurance to the concerned public. We aim to show the world that such high standards are just as possible in the Feng Shui field as in any other.

Students of Imperial Feng Shui of the Chue Style, and Ba Zi, whether undergraduate or post graduate, are expected to appreciate and acknowledge that the teachings passed down from Great Grand Master Chue through Grand Master Chan and his approved teachers are very powerful. They are entrusted with the teachings and should respect the Lineage and act responsibly. Students should also appreciate that their knowledge is only a fraction of that of the Grand Master, and consequently they remain students until the Grand Master deems their skill to be high enough for them in their turn to earn the title Master. Every member of the Foundation is an Ambassador of our Style.


Feng Shui, Ba Zi and other esoteric teachings based on Eastern philosophy sometimes sit uncomfortably within a western mindset. The student must acknowledge the limitations of her/his own generic way of thinking and strive to understand and integrate the basis of the Eastern way.


The teachings and their use, either personally or professionally, should be approached both with honour and with due caution due to their potent nature. Ignorance of the correct applications could easily cause serious harm. Any release of knowledge to others outside the Foundation should first be approved by the Grand Master.


The purpose of the code is to clearly state the standards of ethics and conduct which are required from a member of the Chue Foundation. By maintaining such standards we show ourselves worthy of participating in the work of the Eastern Esoteric Traditions.




A) Responsibility to the Grand Master and other members:


A1) Members shall respect the GrandMaster’s wishes, which may be relayed through an approved teacher, with regard to not divulging knowledge to others who have not completed the relevant basic or advanced course:


To preserve the right of the Grand Master to pass knowledge to those he considers fit, and to deny knowledge to those whom he considers unfit;
To preserve the exclusive nature of Imperial Feng Shui Chue Style within the membership;
To ensure that such powerful knowledge does not fall into the hands of those not fitted to deal with it.


A2) Members are expected to actively and positively promote the standards set out in this Code, and not to knowingly bring, or allow others to bring the Foundation or any of its members into disrepute through any word, deed or neglect:


Upon choosing to become a member, intent to act in the best interest of the Foundation and its membership is understood, thus any serious breach of the Code should be reported to the Management Team;
Members shall disclose to the MT if they have been or will be convicted of or sentenced to imprisonment for an indictable offence. Any failure to declare such situations may result in investigation and disciplinary measures;
Undischarged bankruptcies shall also be declared;
Any open defamation or threat of defamation of the Foundation and / or its members for whatever reason, personal or business, will be considered contrary to the spirit of the Foundation and the perpetrator will be denied membership, or expelled from membership, whichever is the case.


A3) Members are expected to actively and positively promote and seek to further the aims and objectives of the Foundation, and to contribute to the work and activities of the Foundation:


At this time all undertakings within the Foundation are carried out by volunteers giving their time and expertise freely. To avoid the work becoming an onerous burden, members are expected to be mindful of this and to offer help and guidance where possible, and not to make undue demands on Officers;
A volunteer’s time is as precious as that of any other member. When volunteers wish to step down from their posts members are expected to step forward and take their turn in carrying responsibilities.
A4) Members should promote their professional services in a truthful and responsible manner, and should not attempt to misappropriate the professional work of other members:


Members should not inflate their professional qualifications and expertise by using misleading, exaggerated or untruthful statements in any promotion;
Advertisements should be within the law and conform to the latest Code of Practice of the advertising medium employed;
Promotional material should contain details of the practitioner’s training and services offered, but no unsubstantiated claims or comparisons with other practitioners. The Chue Logo may be displayed to promote affiliation with our Style;
Whatever privately expressed opinion a member holds of the work of other Feng Shui practitioners, members or not, they shall never openly defame another practitioner, school or tradition; Members should not make, support or collaborate in any statement, written or otherwise, which is contrary to their professional opinion, or which they know to be misleading, damaging to others, or otherwise discreditable to the Foundation;
Members should not take advantage of any post or position in the Foundation for personal gain, or at the cost of the Foundation or any of its members.
B) Responsibility to clients, and students (if member is a teacher):


B1) Members shall act with integrity and avoid any action or situation which is inconsistent with their professional obligations:


A client or student shall not be exploited financially, sexually, emotionally or in any other way;
A client or student shall not be subjected to exaggerated fears of health, finance or well being in order to pressurize them into agreements, or to inflate the practitioner’s or teacher’s prestige;
The confidentiality of a client shall be respected and no information divulged to third parties without the prior agreement of the client. Examples for research may only be cited provided no information is included which could be used for identification purposes.
Any property such as plans or other documents shall be returned to the client as soon as possible, and copies retained only with prior agreement;
If members wish to include a colleague or student on a consultation or in the classroom, the client or students shall be made aware of this and given opportunity to give or withhold their agreement prior to the consultation or teaching;
If members find that their professional or personal interests conflict with those of the client or student or other relevant parties (thereby risking a breach of this code) they shall withdraw from the situation, or remove the source of conflict, or seek approval for the engagement to continue; Members shall clearly explain the terms on which a consultation or teaching or other work is being offered before the client or student incurs any financial liability;
If a member feels unable to, or uncomfortable in carrying out professional work for a client, the work shall be declined politely and professionally;
Members shall accept professional work only within their own known limits, and for which they are able to provide the proper professional and technical resources.
B2) Members shall carry out their professional Feng Shui and Ba Zi work conscientiously, diligently and with proper regard to the technical and professional standards expected of a member of the Chue Foundation:


Members shall act with integrity, with due care and attention, and shall utilise their skills as effectively as possible in accordance with any agreed timescale and financial limitation. Any additional time and / or costs shall be brought to the attention of the client and agreed before any further work is carried out;
When working on behalf of a client, advice shall be carefully, professionally and impartially given so that the client understands the implications;
In agreeing to and carrying out work for a client a member shall have regard for any wider environmental implications of advice which may be offered. Such advice should seek always to enhance rather than detract from the natural environment.
B3) Members shall maintain professional competences in those areas relating to professional work:


Members who are practitioners are expected to undertake continuing professional development, and to ensure that their competence does not fall below professional standards. Should their standard of work need to be investigated, a lack of evidence of CPD is one factor to be taken into consideration;
Data protection and other relevant Acts shall be complied with;
Members shall ensure that their professional finances are managed prudently;
Members shall not make a professional association with an unsuitable person, or with someone who has been disqualified or suspended either from membership of the Foundation, or from any other recognised professional organisation;
It shall be made clear to the client or students that other disciplines, therapies or sales of goods are not covered by this Code. As a general guide no such activity should be undertaken without prior agreement with the client or students.
B4) Complaints concerning professional work shall be dealt with promptly and appropriately by the member:


Complaints shall be handled courteously and sympathetically, and acknowledgment given within 15 working days from receipt of the complaint. A written response shall be sent within 30 working days from receipt;
If the complainant is not satisfied with the member’s handling of the complaint, it may be referred to the Foundation Management Team for investigation. Where a complaint to the Foundation is upheld, disciplinary measures will be decided upon by Grand Master Chan.