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Feng Shui Hints and Tips


Always try to keep doors, corridors and connecting spaces between rooms in homes and offices clear from clutter and as easy to traverse as possible.

Do not use dried flowers or twigs as a decoration as these are dead. Silk flowers or plants can be used but avoid plastic. Nothing is as effective for stimulating the energy as live plants and fresh cut flowers. Do not leave dying plants and flowers around, as these will damage the energy. These should be cleared away and replaced as soon as possible.

Never place a mirror directly opposite the front door unless specifically advised by an expert. Also note that mirrors opposite each other will always cause conflict.

Avoid the use of vertical blinds wherever possible.

If you have not been advised as to which colours are best for you, then avoid extremely bold colours in your home.

Avoid having built-in/overhanging cupboards or shelves above your bed. It is also better not to have a bed situated under beams or to sleep with mirrors reflecting you.

Televisions and computers in the bedroom should be avoided, as these will prove harmful and detrimental to good nights sleep.

If buying a new home avoid sites near graveyards, funeral homes or churches.

When you are sitting at a desk in your home or office do not face the wall. This provides no support. You should always sit with your back to a solid wall facing into the room. Also what is in front of you is your future and facing a wall means that your future is blocked.


Doors should be hinged so that the whole room can be seen from the door. This allows the energy to flow in freely.

Where ever possible the occupants of a desk should be supported by a solid wall behind them. Where this is not possible a screen should placed behind the individual.

Filing cabinets and office equipment should be used to partition of areas, rather than taking up valuable wall space.

Desks should be arranged so that as much of the room as possible is visible from behind the desk.

The most senior person should sit in the “control” position within the room. This is generally diagonally opposite the door.

Areas which have specific energy should be used for a purpose that is suitable for this energy. For example an area with quiet or stagnant energy could be used for an archive, where as people should occupy active energy areas.

Colour schemes for offices should be quite light and neutral unless you know the specific energy of that area however colour can be used to define different spaces or functions of the business. In general this is recommended to avoid fire colours such as sky blue, red and pink or earth colours such as terracotta, yellow etc, for toilets and bathrooms.

Utility equipment such as photocopiers, should be kept together in one area, as should filing cabinets etc. They should be positioned so that their use is practical and does not impede walkways or intrude in people working.

Plants with large round leaves are extremely good at absorbing radiation from computers and electrical equipment. They also stimulate positive energy. (Spiky leafed plants are better left avoided unless specified).

Vertical blinds on windows are damaging to the energy of an area and can create blades that can point at the occupants or room.

Paperwork should never be stored on the floor as this signifies deterioration in the business.

Keep the office clear of clutter.