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Feng Shui Consultant - Feng Shui Research - Feng Shui Education

Who are we?

Using a wealth of completely authentic tools together with well tried and tested techniques, as practiced by the greatest Feng Shui Masters from the Imperial Palaces of ancient China, the Chue Style of Feng Shui is the most effective form of this ancient science known to man.

Having recently been introduced into the West by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, the world’s leading authority on the Chue Style of Feng Shui, its benefits are now available to everyone through a steadily growing network of specially trained consultants who can offer realistic, effective and sensible assistance for a whole range of modern day problems and situations.

Formed in the late 1990’s, the Chue Foundation acts as both a professional body and centre of excellence for its qualified and registered consultants. Every effort is made to ensure that the highest standards of ethics and quality of work expected of those practicing the Chue Style of Feng Shui are maintained.

Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, the living master of Chue style Feng Shui feels that solid research is essential in order to better apply the benefits of Feng Shui to the wider world; his global vision is that everyone may benefit from Feng Shui. The Chue Foundation is the only organisation in the west with such a strong bias towards Feng Shui research.

The fully qualified practitioners members divide their time between providing consultation for the general public, business clients and government organisations, and individual research projects in fields such as medicine, health, tourism, finance, relationships and politics.

Practitioners continually feed anonymous consultation information into a database in order to produce repeatable data as evidence that Feng Shui really works. Practitioners draw on this information to supplement their knowledge and continually improve the already high standard of consultation.

Maintaining Standards

Maintaining educational standards, examination of prospective graduates and the mentoring of new graduates are just some of the activities of the Foundation. The core benefit comes with access to ongoing research and debate. For every area of advanced study there exists a group of researchers, specialists chosen by Grand Master Chan, and communities dedicated to ongoing practical development of the skills. Grand Master Chan is always on hand to answer the deepest questions that are beyond the knowledge of the advanced practitioners.

Each year professional development courses are offered at special rates to our membership, and the AGM is also a time of great learning when Grand Master Chan surprises us with a few nuggets of wisdom!

Through this website and the provision of a newsletter and handbook for all members we keep the fire burning in our hearts and minds, as we continually ask ourselves how we may contribute to the work of the Lineage.

Our greatest service is in our efforts to bring graduates together, across barriers of geography and language, in mutually developing our practice of authentic Feng Shui. We learn more from each other than we ever will alone.

Feng Shui Research

The Chue Foundation seeks to ensure the ongoing effectiveness and success of its methods by a programme of research, thus making certain that the needs of an ever changing modern world can always be properly met by the application of Chue Style Feng Shui.

The basis of our Foundation is the evolution of its practice. Amongst our research activities we undertake to discover and test new methods, approaches, and protocols as well as work on the interpretation and translation of ancient texts.

Thus we strive to continue the living Tradition. Grand Master Chan Kun Wah urges us always to question and research everything, just as Great Grand Master Chue Yen before him. Our greatest strength is in our sharing of advanced research among the members of the foundation. This is also our bequest to the generation of practitioners who will follow in our footsteps.